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our founder


I WAs born in Panama City, Florida and received an Exercise Science Degree from the University of Central Missouri.

I started off just personal training on the side while in college. I love being around people and hated being behind a desk. As I continued to personal train I fell in love with the idea that I could actually impact some one’s life for the better. You can see someone go from very unconfident/uncomfortable when they enter a room to holding their head high and smiling. When people start to achieve their goals in life it really affects everything! They literally begin to enjoy life more. I love empowering people to do better! That is one of the most satisfying things to me. To watch someone finally be happy and confident in themselves.

I have been training for around 11 years now. My major in school was exercise science. I don’t have a true specialization. I have worked with clients who want to lose a lot of weight down to clients who just need to lose the last 10 lbs. I have helped clients put on muscle as well. Lately, I have been helping people with pain issues due to past injuries or just really bad body mechanics. Some have pain only when working out and some have pain all the time. I work slowly with them from the ground/foundation up. It is like building a house. If you start out with a crappy foundation you will eventually pay for it big time later.

My philosophy is to find a training regimen and nutrition plan that fits the clients’ lifestyle. I do not do fads or gimmicks. I follow what science has proven to be true. That is to teach clients habits that can be consistently incorporated in their life to help them achieve their goals. I want them to have lasting results rather than the quick fixes that last only a few months.

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