Shoulder Impingement Issue Fix

Shoulder Impingement​ Shoulder impingement is defined as an irritation of the structures underneath the acromion process, resulting in pain with things like reaching overhead. In …

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Your Priorities Dictate Success

What!?!?!? David, what the heck are you saying ?! You literally have a business that has those things!! You are crazy!I know, I know! The …

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Why Failing Is The Key To Succeeding

In this video David ( Personal Trainer at Rapid Fit KC ), explain why failure is a must for people to succeed! Rapid Fit KC …

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6 Week Partner Nutrition Challenge, Kansas City, Parkville Northland KC

6 Week Partner Nutrition Challenge! Challenges are all the rage now a days in the fitness world. You have probably seen multiple ads pop up …

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How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Although the feeling of sore muscles after a tough workout is rewarding, it’s not necessarily comfortable. But, sore muscles after a workout, also known as …

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How Does Personal Training Look At Rapid Fit KC

Kickstarting a healthy and active lifestyle can take on a few different meanings, and not everyone’s “start” (or restart) looks the same. At Rapid Fit …

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Things To Do For A Healthier Lifestyle

Getting your health and your body on track is a difficult and daunting task — we get it. But, there are ways to slowly incorporate …

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5 Fitness Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Here’s the hard truth, your fitness journey isn’t always going to be straight forward. Throughout your journey, it’s likely you’ve heard about certain aspects of …

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Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day

We’ve all heard for most of our lives that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but have you ever asked why? There …

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5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer in 2019

Many people start off the New Year with big aspirations driven by the “New Year, New You” motto. Goal setting and resolutions are great, but …

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