Fix Flat Feet

Have Flat Feet? Check Out this video for a fix for that!, a personal trainer here at Rapid Fit KC, will be talking about …

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Making Habits Stick Part 3- Make It Easy

  Making Habits Stick Part 3- Make It Easy Yep you heard me right, make it easy. Our brains are wired for comfort. We have …

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Making Habits Stick Part 2- Make It Attractive

We as humans do things that we think make us feel good. That’s human nature and there is no way around it. Sooooo when trying …

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Make Habits Stick Part 1- Making Them Obvious

The first part of making a habit stick is to make it obvious. It sounds simple but this is absolutely effective. Your life is a …

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Making A Habit Stick Series

Making A Habit Stick!! I have been talking about habits for a while now. I want to go through the process with you on how …

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Shoulder Impingement Issue Fix

Shoulder Impingement​ Shoulder impingement is defined as an irritation of the structures underneath the acromion process, resulting in pain with things like reaching overhead. In …

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Your Priorities Dictate Success

What!?!?!? David, what the heck are you saying ?! You literally have a business that has those things!! You are crazy!I know, I know! The …

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Why Failing Is The Key To Succeeding

In this video David ( Personal Trainer at Rapid Fit KC ), explain why failure is a must for people to succeed! Rapid Fit KC …

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6 Week Partner Nutrition Challenge, Kansas City, Parkville Northland KC

6 Week Partner Nutrition Challenge! Challenges are all the rage now a days in the fitness world. You have probably seen multiple ads pop up …

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How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Although the feeling of sore muscles after a tough workout is rewarding, it’s not necessarily comfortable. But, sore muscles after a workout, also known as …

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