I was born in Panama City, Florida and received an Exercise Science Degree from the University of Central Missouri. 

I started off just personal training on the side while in college. I love being around people and hated being behind a desk. As I continued to personal train I fell in love with the idea that I could actually impact some one’s life for the better. You can see someone go from very unconfident/uncomfortable when they enter a room to holding their head high and smiling. When people start to achieve their goals in life it really affects everything! They literally begin to enjoy life more. I love empowering people to do better! That is one of the most satisfying things to me. To watch someone finally be happy and confident in themselves.

I have been training for around 11 years now. My major in school was exercise science. I don’t have a true specialization. I have worked with clients who want to lose a lot of weight down to clients who just need to lose the last 10 lbs. I have helped clients put on muscle as well. Lately, I have been helping people with pain issues due to past injuries or just really bad body mechanics. Some have pain only when working out and some have pain all the time. I work slowly with them from the ground/foundation up. It is like building a house. If you start out with a crappy foundation you will eventually pay for it big time later.

My philosophy is to find a training regimen and nutrition plan that fits the clients’ lifestyle. I do not do fads or gimmicks. I follow what science has proven to be true. That is to teach clients habits that can be consistently incorporated in their life to help them achieve their goals. I want them to have lasting results rather than the quick fixes that last only a few months.

I am from Manhattan, KS nearly my whole life. I am a diehard K-State fan.  Both of my parents attended K- State.  I bleed purple. EMAW!

Becoming a trainer was most definitely an accidental career.  It was shortly after the birth of my second child that I was trying to some “at home” workouts.  My then-husband kept getting mad at me for running up and down the stairs for cardio intervals.  “You’re going to ruin the carpet.  Just go join a gym.”  So, begrudgingly I found a gym with childcare and instantly fell in love with the aerobics classes.  Slowly one-by-one the instructors started to leave.  I remember thinking “I might as well do it.” So I got certified in every aerobic and weightlifting avenue I could find.  I loved it. From there I was hired by the local hospital wellness center where I saw my colleagues training people one-on-one, to which I found yet another challenge I wanted to tackle. 20 years later here I am with a successful and lasting career in the health and fitness industry all because of not ruining the carpet on the stairs in my home.

I firmly believe that my client’s successes are not because of me.  I approach Personal Training as a doctor would approach a patient.  Much like a doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath, I firmly and wholeheartedly embody the first line which is “First DO NO HARM”.  There is a level of raw vulnerability when a client first approaches me requesting me to help them on their journey.  To ask for help is to admit we cannot do it alone.  I recognize their fear, timidity, and apprehension.   Therefore a client’s 1stand greatest success comes when they first meet me.  The multiple success that occurs after that is multi-planar.  They are overcoming more than weight loss, they are overcoming themselves.  In my opinionthere is no greater success.

I am fortunate to have so far enjoyed a diverse background in sport and fitness, both academically and physically. I received my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Western State Colorado University while playing football and track & field, certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, worked both for a local gym and my own private business, and am now part of Rapid Fit KC.

I am a coach with a passion for helping those who are serious about training and nutrition and are fully committed to achieving their goals.

My ideal clients are those who want to take their physique to the next level, whether that’s adding some lean muscle mass while getting stronger, or achieving that lean physique that they have always dreamt of but never quite reached.

I am extremely driven in regards to the coaching I deliver and developing my knowledge by devoting countless hours to study, attending courses & seminars and keeping up to date with current research so I am able to provide the most sound advice.

There is a lot of nonsense out there giving people a false sense of reality when it comes to nutrition, training, and how to create a body you can be proud of. There are no supplements or creams or magic programs to get the job done and to be honest, you don’t need as much as you think. I ensure my coaching philosophy is science and evidence-based, incorporating the latest research into training and nutrition while also drawing on strategies that have worked both for myself and clients past and present.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with a diverse range of clients. Ranging from young athletes looking to improve performance to older adults wanting to just move better and feel better. I can testify that when they work with me, they begin to truly understand where they might have gone wrong in the past, that you can’t “buy” hard work or consistency and that together, we can achieve results.

I’m very proud of the level of support I provide as a coach. Being there for my clients, every step of the way. Being readily available via phone call, text or email I’m fully committed to doing everything I can to help you succeed.


-Bachelor’s Degree – Kinesiology (WSCU)

-Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

-Precision Nutrition Level 1