Fix Flat Feet

Have Flat Feet?

Check Out this video for a fix for that! 

Ryan, a personal trainer here at Rapid Fit KC, will be talking about a simple exercise for flat feet!
 Having flat feet, collapsed arches, or pronated ankles (nearly all the same issue) can cause big problems.
This foot dysfunction can set you up for ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, anterior pelvic tilt and much more.
It’s so important that NFL scouts actually search for this in athletes as a measure of how likely that athlete is to get injured during season.
📚Here is an exercise I learned a while back.
Simply place two thick books next to each other.
Place your toes on one book, the heel on the other book, and have the arch of your foot be unsupported between the two books.
What this will do is get your arch to contract isometrically and strengthen itself once you start bearing weight on that foot and balancing.
Really make sure you are gripping the toes in and don’t allow the ankle to roll inwards either.
🔥Do about 4 sets of 30 seconds or less each side and enjoy the burn.
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