Make Habits Stick Part 1- Making Them Obvious

The first part of making a habit stick is to make it obvious. It sounds simple but this is absolutely effective. Your life is a routine. You may not think it but from the time you get up to the time you sleep, it is all routine. You have a ritual for getting ready for work. Your drive to work is the same route each day. You even put your shoes on the same foot first every time. It is all subconscious. So to make something new happen you have to literally remind yourself of the habit everyday. Blatantly out in front of your face! Seriously, it needs to be ridiculously obvious at first. This can be a sticky note on your refrigerator, or it can be something in your planner that you put a really bright highlighter on. The more obvious, the more likely you will begin to focus on this change.

Let’s use an example for this. You want to make sure you drink enough water through out the day. This is one of the biggest challenges we hear about quite a bit. One way could be having a jug of water with the correct ounces you need to drink in front of you at all times. Maybe even marks on it with specific times so you know you need to have that amount done by that time. You could also set some alarms or reminders on your phone. Five reminders a day to have 10 oz of water is really easy to do. That is 50 oz spread out. More than half of what you would probably need. This will take some time and may be frustrating at first when you are not 100% successful. Just realize you are going to fail quite a bit. THAT IS OK!!! Failure is part of the process. If you are failing, you are at least trying.

So what is a habit or maybe two that you want to implement? How are you going to make in blatantly obvious each day?

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