Making A Habit Stick Series

Making A Habit Stick!!

I have been talking about habits for a while now. I want to go through the process with you on how to actually get them to stick! Habits are tough to make and break! I know it, you know it, we all know it. I will be breaking down each step to really help you understand how you can start working on your own over the next few videos.

The 4 laws from the book Atomic Habit

  1. Make It Obvious
  2. Make It Attractive
  3. Make It Easy
  4. Make It Satisfying

This is the first part announcing the next series of facebook lives. I will follow each video up with an email as well with more detailed writing. If you want to be part of the email series and are not part of the gym, please enter your email below in the comments!

Also, leave a habit you want to change/add/get rid of in the comments and I will personally use them as examples. Then you can follow along to see how I would use these laws to create that specific habit!

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