Making Habits Stick Part 2- Make It Attractive

We as humans do things that we think make us feel good. That’s human nature and there is no way around it. Sooooo when trying to make something a habit, you must make sure to make it attractive. This can be a mindset, giving yourself a reward or changing your social influences so that it reinforces your habit/behavior. The last one is really interesting and probably the best idea. If you are around people who already are doing the habit/behavior, you will likely want to do it yourself to fit in. Especially if you look up to these people.

Example-If I want to be healthier, I would start hanging out with people who make healthier choices. Maybe it’s wanting to start running 5k’s. If you start hanging out with people who run 5k’s all the time, what do you think they do during the week and weekends?! You guessed it, they run! So, if your circle of influence is always inviting you to run, you will probably run more than you would on your own! Your friends can sometimes even be your enemies on this. I hear this all the time. I try to be good on the weekends, but my friends always get me to go out to eat bad food and drink. This is a tough one. You may have to find a group of people who are on the same path as you to hang out with for a while. It’s ok to be selfish in this instance and focus on yourself. Remember it’s your health not theirs.

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