Making Habits Stick Part 3- Make It Easy

  Making Habits Stick Part 3- Make It Easy Yep you heard me right, make it easy. Our brains are wired for comfort. We have built a society based on how can we make things easier on us. Just look at how we shop. Amazon prime has two day shipping for most items. They even have next day shipping. NOW they are working on 2 hour delivery!! It’s crazy! We can buy anything anywhere with a click of the button. We don’t have to get up to go anywhere. Amazon made it so easy for us and now it is HUGE. They dominate the online selling industry. 

  Our cellphones let us turn on and off lights from our bed or couch. Anything that makes it easier for us sells like hot cakes! Companies spend millions figuring how to make it easy for us to buy from them with less steps. That’s because we are wired to go with what’s easy. Anything that causes a struggle we tend to avoid.

  To add a habit, you have to make it easy. You have to start small and then add little by little. This will help us keep moving forward and not get us so frustrated. You see motivation doesn’t stay around. In fact its usually very short lived. The only thing that feeds motivation is success. You have to see some sort of success to stick with something. So making it easy will ensure you see some success right away. For example, meal prepping all your meals for the week won’t end very well if you never have. I would have you start with just one meal. That’s it. 

  You could start with lunch. Maybe you start with two different types of meals and rotate it each day. You could do this in about 30 minutes and be done! But If I told you it would take 3 hours to meal prep all your meals, you would absolutely avoid it. One, you haven’t learned how to make your meal prep efficient yet, so it might actually take that long. Two, just the thought of three hours for meal prep would make anybody not want to do it. This is really important. You need to make it easy to see and feel success right away. 

  We love the feeling of being successful. Everybody hates to fail. Just think about it. How many times have you not done something because you were fearful you would fail? I know for a fact it is a ton! Making it easy at first will be crucial! So what habit are you going to choose and how are you going to make it easy? 


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