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What We Offer

Nutrition Program

Nutrition is the key to your health and fitness success. There is no way around it. Whether it is wanting to drop a few pounds to fit in your old jeans, gain your confidence back or to be a better athlete, nutrition will play a huge factor. We have helped people find the right plan for them over and over again. This is not a quick fix. We take time to customize a plan for you and then help guide you the rest of the way. Finding a plan you can stick with for the rest of your life is the goal. We can help with that!

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If you’re interested in a 30 minute conversation full of advice and recommendations, contact one of our trainers and set up an appointment.

1 On 1 Personal Training

Whether you’re looking to improve your performance, lose weight, or just look and feel like a better you, our personal trainers are certified and ready to help you achieve success! Personal trainers can provide answers and advice, as well as keep you motivated and push you to do better. With a personal training session, you’ll receive a personalized workout and nutritional guidance that fit your lifestyle. Don’t wait another minute to overcome your fitness challenges.

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This is where your success starts!

The first step is getting yourself in the gym. Our personal trainers will help you outline a plan to improve and give you the steps to be successful on your fitness journey.

Group Training

Working out in a positive environment allows our clients to push themselves and support each other on their individual goals. Groups provide structure, help you hold yourself accountable, and encourage healthy lifestyles with a fun, upbeat experience. Rapid Fit groups are typically made up of 10-15 people, and cater to all ability levels. Our group personal training sessions aren’t choreographed routines. Instead, our personal trainers are able to coach individuals that prefer working out with friends or groups.

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Schedule Free Intro

We offer a free "No Sweat Intro". This is where you will come in to discuss your goals, talk about your fitness history and then figure out the best path for your success. No high pressure selling here, just figuring out how we can help you out the best !