Your Priorities Dictate Success

What!?!?!? David, what the heck are you saying ?! You literally have a business that has those things!! You are crazy!I know, I know! The truth is they do work but there is a missing key to them. See nutrition and fitness plans are just that, plans. They are laid out with do’s and don’ts. They offer guidelines that you follow to reach a specific goal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean success automatically if you have one. See action takes precedents in this case. If you don’t actually start acting on the plan or maybe only acting everyone once in a while, they are useless. I know you are thinking, well duh! Why are you even saying this nonsense?!Well here we go……………

The biggest thing I have learned over the years is our behaviors dictate our outcomes. The problem here is that we don’t just up and decide, oh I’m changing this behavior today. It’s not how our brains work. We must go through some sort of process to make ourselves open to change. Your behaviors have been in place for quite a bit. They won’t just go away. So how do we start?

Now we are at the good stuff! The first thing you need to look at is your values/priorities. You have to be 100% truthful with yourself. What do you value/prioritize in life? Family? Friends? Kids? Traveling? Sports? This is a toughy and you need to really think. Here is why-Values/Priorities -> Mindset/Through Process-> Behaviors/Actions->OutcomeValues and priorities lead to how your brain thinks/reacts (Mindset/Though Process). A simple example would be you valuing quality time with your kids. They are at an age that they love to spend time with you and you truly want to enjoy it. This causes you to have behaviors that focus on getting more time with them. Maybe it’s skipping the gym or not going because you don’t want to miss out on that time. Value= quality time with kids, Mindset= I don’t want to go to the gym because I will miss out on time with them, Action= Not going to the gym.This can be applied to many things. The fact is your behaviors/actions were changed by what you value.

The mindset part is where we have to flip the switch. Let’s take that example and flip it around. Exercise has lots of benefits. One of them is more energy. Now I know for a fact that kids have tons and tons and tons and TONS of energy. Every time I’m around a parent and their kids, I hear the same thing. ‘They never stop, it’s like they are the energizer bunny! I can’t keep up’. Being exhausted all the time is an issue if you truly want to spend quality time with your kids. How many times has a kid wanted to play but you were too tired? How many times have you been exhausted and still went to an activity with them but weren’t really present. All you could think about was how tired you were and how you can’t wait to get back home to rest. The switch needs to flip. If I exercise, I will be able to enjoy more time with my kids and be fully engaged. I won’t miss a beat!

This is just the first step in the process of change though. We must become aware of what we truly value/prioritize and then make sure our goals will align with them. Losing 30 lbs. to fit in a bathing suit doesn’t align with quality time with kids. More energy to be able to keep up with them does.

Here is a great way to figure out what your values/priorities are! Ask your self these questions:

1. What/where do you spend your time during the day? (Ex. Work, taking kids to extracurricular activities, netflix, looking at places to take a vacation, etc.)

2. Where/What do you spend your money on? (Going out to eat/drinks with friends, taking the kids somewhere, travel, etc.)

3. What do you think about doing the most that you currently aren’t? (Traveling, playing sports, hiking, not wearing a shirt at the pool, being able to keep up with the kids, etc.)

These questions will lead to your values/priorities. Now your goal is to take the next step and begin the process of change. Write out how you are going to shift your mindset to make your goals align with your priorities! If you’d like, send me these answers and how you are shifting your mindset! I’d love to hear them! If you would like help, let me know as well!

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