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Group class

Our group training is one of a kind. We mix different types of movements and training modalities that create an amazingly well-rounded workout session. These sessions are coupled with an environment of positivity, empowerment and an energetic coach! You will experience the best hour of your day every time!

fit for retirement

Our Fit For Retirement Program is designed to help anyone over 50 years old gain their strength and energy back. As we age, we tend to focus less on our health and begin to really feel the effects of it. It becomes hard to keep up with our kids and grandkids. This also, causes us to miss out on life in general if we are just too tired to keep up. This program will help you attain an energetic life and help you continue to enjoy life’s adventures to the fullest! This is achieved through customizing a program to your specific needs as an individual.

90 day challenge

Our 90 Day program is designed to help any person at any level of fitness achieve their fitness goals. This program allows us to create a customized path for each individual person. No one is the same and either is what they will need to achieve their goals. Our first step is to sit down and find out who you are, what your current lifestyle is like and anything else that will help us. We will use this information to tailor a program that has personal training, group training and nutrition as options. It is imperative to dial in on you as an individual. This is how we have such a high success rate with this program.

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